How do search engines manage to quickly give us an answer

How do search engines manage to quickly give us an answer?

Let’s put it in simple words: search robots bypass pages of sites and load them into their database for processing. Thanks to this, search results are generated that you observe daily for certain requests. At the same time, search engine algorithms take into account a huge number of factors by which sites are ranked higher or lower in search results. Search engines constantly study how users work with sites, track what information visitors are interested in and which not. The better the site, the higher it is in the search.

Your resource can become a source of income, but just having a website is not enough. Constant work is needed to improve it: good design, the availability of useful information, work with the structure and code of the site.

In order for the site to be found by as many users as possible, it is necessary to resort to search engine optimization (SEO), which includes a huge amount of work with the resource and buy backlinks.

Search engines are modernizing their algorithms for delivering results, so SEO-work is often modified and supplemented. Because of this, SEO-specialists are constantly trained, monitor innovations in the search and the emergence of new technologies.

In addition to organic search results, contextual advertising is present in search engine. Contextual advertising is commercial ads in search engines that are displayed depending on search queries, interests and characteristics of the audience.

It is noted that when conducting contextual advertising simultaneously with SEO, many sites give better results than if they were using any one tool. This is due to behavioral factors from advertising. The search engine sees the popularity of the site and how visitors behave on it and takes this into account.

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