Finding Anything On An Online Business Directory

Finding Anything On An Online Business Directory

What is a business directory and why do people need to have easy access to them? A business directory is a specialised listing mainly consisting of information about businesses. Both consumers and other businesses are likely to find a company much easily through a business directory and better yet, if the business directory is online.

Several business directories use the alphabetical categorisation for their listings, which means, if you search for an electrical equipment manufacturer, all the companies falling under that category will be displayed under the letter ‘E’, On the other hand, some directories use the service type to categorise, so their classifications are represented as business services, cars and automotive, home appliances, financial & legal services, transport, shopping, electronics etc.

Even business directories have taken to the new trend now, with the majority of directories presenting their listings online for free or for a nominal charge. The online business directories charging a fee for their listings generally offer the same services as a free directory, but the difference is usually dependent on who publishes the directory.

The paid business directories ask for subscriptions from those businesses they have listed, while the free directories depend on sponsor ads for their revenue. These free online business directories request for link exchanging between the directory and the listed companies. This allows both parties to build web traffic by directing each other’s web visitors to the linked site. So, the directory links to the business websites and they in turn link to the directory, sharing visitors for mutual benefit.

There are a few business directories offering more than simple listing services, including features such as job advertising, picture galleries and a dedicated web page for the listed business. These are optional services and any business owner who wishes to use the directory for multiple purposes can take advantage of the offers. The majority of business directories charge for these services, but some directories provide all such services for free.

Submitting a listing to a free online business directory takes only a few minutes. You’ll need to provide company information such as business name, registration number, address, telephone number and email address etc.

Each business listing is brief, with just the basic information displayed upfront. If you need more information about a particular business, you have to follow the link they have provided, to visit either their web page within the business directory or their main website. Once a listing is submitted to a business directory, any user can easily find your business by navigating the site through the main page index.

Most business directories, whether online or offline, focus on listing a particular region’s businesses. Usually, these regions are selected based upon neighbourhood, city, district, province, state etc. Country-wide and international business directories are very rare, especially online.

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