effective ways to interact with the client

What is marketing communications: effective ways to interact with the client

Marketing communications are a set of interactions between a brand and society. In principle, everything we say on behalf of a brand/company to people is marketing communication: a sign, a TV commercial, a press release, a magazine article, something posted to 주식광고문자. Communication must be appropriate and effective, based on the market goals and objectives of the company.

How it works

Marketing communications work and develop cyclically. The first stage: analysis – what is happening with the product now (for example, it just appeared on the market). The second stage is setting the communication task: what do we want to get in the future (increase the audience’s awareness of the new product). The third stage is to draw up a strategy on how we will achieve our goal (place ads on TV and in shopping centers, attract bloggers, and so on). The fourth stage is an assessment of the effectiveness of communication: whether the message and channels were chosen correctly, how much it was possible to reach the right audience (whether people learned about the product).

Then the cycle repeats. Goals may change: we introduced customers to a new product, now we are raising its sales. We change channels, messages and tools depending on the tasks.

Elements of Marketing Communications

There are a number of terms that are used when talking about marketing communications. We list them so that further reasoning is clearer.

The source is the brand, company or person who initiates the communication process.

Message, information – the essence of what the source wants to convey to the audience.

The addressee is the people to whom the communication is directed, to whom the source wants to convey its message.

Channel – a way of conveying information to the addressee (internal and outdoor advertising, media, and so on).

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