5Making money on equestrian sport

Making money on equestrian sport

Since ancient times, a horse has been beneficial to mankind. Before choosing a horse, you need to think about what you need it for: for recreation, for sports, for equestrian tourism and in agriculture. Think in advance that difficulties may arise – both in finances and in knowledge and skills. Before you turn this into a business, you need to create a plan to avoid mistakes and not miss anything. Such a business, in fact, is very profitable, but its payback period will be at least three years, or even more.

Good equipment is very important

It is worth remembering that if you have chosen equestrian sport, then you should buy good equipment, among which there should be quality saddles, spurs, bridles and safety stirrups.

What are safety stirrups?

Safety stirrups are part of the horse harness that allows the rider to be at a gallop for a long time without falling out of the saddle. How does this happen? There are magnets of different poles that connect to create a strong foot position in the stirrup itself and in the sole of the boot. These stirrups can be used in any weather in any conditions: when riding in the arena, in the forest, in the field, etc. In many competitions, they can also be used (be sure to check if this is allowed before the performance).

Tips from experienced businessmen

  1. When buying horses, be sure to contact an experienced livestock specialist, he will tell you whether to take these horses or find others.
  2. Before you get horses, you need to study all breeds of horses and climatic conditions for their breeding.
  3. Consult specialists from research institutes, perhaps they will give you some necessary advice for your business.
  4. Do not forget about advertising, because it is the engine of your future business.
  5. Respect your staff and spare no money to pay them.

Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

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