eBusiness - The Generic Term

eBusiness – The Generic Term

This article is for a newbie and/or small business owners who want to extend business online or would like to add electronic medium to the business. Before making a start it is always good to understand what ebusiness is.

E-business is a way of conducting business through electronic medium, that is influencing technology like EDI (electronic data interchange), E-commerce, electronic funds transfer.

All website applications and e-buying and selling are few example of e-business, to be precise, these applications are a part of ebusiness. All successful online business system requires e-business applications and website is one such application. A business can be said as ebusiness, if any business processes that runs through an Automated Information System (a website or web based applications) We all know that business has several different functions and process like marketing and sales, finance, human resources, Operations and Supply chain etc. Any of these functions or process if automated by means of electronic technologies can be labeled as e business.

Having a successful online business system or extending business through electronic medium like internet requires village, it is not a one man’s job and effort. Examples of e-Business: Customer relationship management; Enterprise resource planning; Document management systems; Human resource management; VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol; Email; web conferencing; Content management system; Online Retail Shop; e-Marketing Supply chain Management. This will blog be focused more on how to market your products or services through internet (one way of conducting e business). It means you are conducting marketing and sales through internet. It is not required that once you start marketing through products and services internet you should shutdown all your offline marketing activities or operations, marketing through internet can also influence offline sales.

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